Sunday, September 26, 2010

July 8: Post-Transplant Appointment

I last posted to my blog back in July. It is now almost the end of September. The easiest thing to draw from this is that I am a busy person and do not place a top priority on my blog. The thing you may not think, immediately, is that being healthy does not make for as good of posts (in my opinion).

But, as I was at the doctor the last time I posted, I figured I might as well post about that particular appointment today (while I have a few minutes). My last visit to the nephrologist, for my post-transplant follow-up, was a great visit. My creatinine is at 1.0, which is good to see. My other numbers are all still good as well. I am always glad to see good lab reports as a part of my quarterly visits.

If I remember correctly, I was a bit sick the last time I visited the doctor. I had some sort of sinus infection, which led me to have a chest x-ray. The doctor did not see any signs of problems in my lungs, which was good. I got some antibiotics from my family doctor, and they seemed to clear up the infection fairly well.

The biggest problem with being sick, as a post-transplant patient, is that it takes a long time to get better. Even with medication, I was still coughing for weeks. It means that I have to be more careful when I get sick and make sure I talk to the doctors quickly.

In other news, since my Medicare ran out at the beginning of the year, I have been paying full price for my post-transplant medications. For prednisone, this is not really a big deal. For the Myfortic and Prograf, it is quite expensive. I contacted the two pharmaceutical companies that make those medications, knowing that they offer financial assistance. I received forms from both companies, and sent in the receipts for my medications. I got back a payment of $80 for three months of Prograf. I have not seen anything from Myfortic.

So, I think that posting on Sunday morning works well. I have finished my Bible study for the morning, but am still waiting on Hannah to wake up. If I remember, I'll even update again next week about my 3-month cardiology appointment (and answer some reader questions).

Stay tuned!