Friday, December 21, 2007

toDwI'ma' qoS yItIvqu'

Welcome everyone once again to my blog. I know, I don't post for six weeks, then I get on here twice in almost no time at all. What's the world coming to?

You might have noticed the title of today's post. I've been brushing up a little bit on the Klingon language, and discovered how one might wish a speaker of Klingon a Merry Christmas. You would say, toDwI'ma' qoS yItIvqu' or literally ''Our-savior's birthday you-enjoy!''). Why do I know this? Well, I think if you've been reading the blog up to this point, that answer is quite obvious.

Here's the latest news from the cardiologist: my mitral valve prolapse continue to be "moderate to severe," as it was six months ago. She said that she was pleased, and I will have to come back in six months to have another echo cardiogram and let her see if it stays the same. She also asked if I had noticed any more palpitations, but it had only been two days since I had last seen her, so I had to tell her no. I had mentioned at my last appointment that I noticed my irregular heartbeat about once a month or so, but it is not too bad (just noticeable).

Well, that's about it for me for this week. I hope everyone enjoys their Christmas and any time off of work that they might receive. I've got a picture (not all that great, but what do you want) of my Christmas tree for everyone to enjoy!

Until next time, remember the words of the Christmas cow, "Looooooooooow"

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

11 Months Later: The Transplanted Kidney Works Great!

Well, it has now been a little over 11 months (not since I last posted, silly) since I had my kidney transplant. I have to say that everything is going great. I went to my regular post-transplant clinic this week and the doctor said that I am doing great.

My creatinine remains at 1.0. My BUN is still 12.0 (which is good). Sodium, potassium, glucose, phosphorus, and all the other chemicals look great, too. The only thing that is "out of normal" is my magnesium, and it has been slightly low ever since the transplant, so I do not think that they are worried about it too much.

I have my one-year Glofil test scheduled in January. If the results are normal, the doctor said that I will only have to go back for a Glofil every January (which is nice). The Glofil is always at least a half-day appointment, so it will be good from a time management standpoint to not have as many of those.

I had a renal sonogram while I was in the office on Tuesday. The doctor wanted to make sure that my old Polycystic Kidney is not in there causing any problems. The technician obviously could not tell me anything that she saw, but she let me look at the kidney and it looked just as gross as ever. She also showed me the new kidney, which was just perfect looking. It had that great kidney shape, and obviously is doing it's job quite well.

In medication news, I am slowly working down my prednisone dosage. I had been on 10 mg for several months, and since I am almost at my one-year anniversary, I asked (last time) to get on a lower dosage. So, the doctor said to drop my dosage one milligram per month. I am on my third week of 8 mg, so I'll be down to 5 mg by the end of February (I think). I have not started noticing any of the side effects, like always having the "munchies", going away yet. Maybe that won't be noticeable until I have been on 5 mg for a while.

I also saw my cardiologist on Tuesday. She wants to get another echo of my heart to make sure the my mitral valve prolapse is not getting any worse. She said that it still sounds good, but she still wants to take a look to make sure. She also increased my dosage of atenolol (for high blood pressure) from 25 mg a day to 50 mg a day. I just started that, so I don't know the full effects yet. She said it is possible that I will become dizzy, so I am watching out.

Work has been extra-super-crazy for the past month or so. The company is doing a giant software upgrade on some of its internal systems, and I have been deeply involved in End User Acceptance Testing. This is taking several hours a day every day, and has not quite come to an end yet. I am hoping that we will be done before Christmas. I really don't want to keep working on this project next year (for 3 or 6 more months). At that rate, it will be time to upgrade again before this upgrade is completed.

Other than that, not much else is going on. I played my violin in a couple of Christmas concerts, and that was fun. It's been cold and rainy in Texas (but not freezing cold, just 40's cold).

I have that echo on my heart scheduled in the next week or two, so I'll let everyone know what's going on then. Until later, have fun, and enjoy your Christmas!