Saturday, October 10, 2009

Follow-Up from Friday's Appointment

I went to the doctor again on Friday. They said that the CMV test results were negative. At least that is a positive thing.

They ran a sonogram on my transplanted kidney while I was there to see if there were any problems. The sonogram came up good, with nice blood flow running through the kidney. They said it looked like I was getting more fluid, which is a good thing.

My creatinine was still at 1.7 on Friday. The doctor's original call was to have me go to the hospital and be monitored over the weekend. But, given that I promised to take care of myself, they said I could go home, drink LOTS of clear fluids (soups, Gatorade, salty stuff, etc) and take Imodium if needed.

I took some Imodium at noon, but did not need any more yesterday. I actually ate some semi-substantial food for supper last night, which is a good thing. And, all the food stayed down (also good).

I woke up this morning feeling well again (which is nice). I ate some Cheerios and a banana for breakfast. Now, I just have to see how the rest of the weekend goes.

I have another appointment on Monday to see the nephrologists. Maybe they will be able to give me some good news. I hope I am still feeling better!

Thanks for all the prayers - talk to you again soon.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

(251) Nathan Gets Tested for CMV

Hello everyone! I'm writing today to let everyone in on what has been going on with me for the past week, and what they think is happening.

The title is sort-of a spoiler. The week has ended with me being tested for CMV. You can read all about this on the Internet, if you like. It sounds like it is a standard virus that more than 50% of adults contract in their life time. It's really not harmful, unless you have a suppressed immune system (like I do). They did the test today, and I should find out an answer on Friday.

Okay, now to rewind. I woke up late last Wednesday night (early Thursday morning) feeling nauseated. My stomach was sour and I kept having diarrhea through the night. I did not go to work on Thursday, and had a couple of vomiting spells. I cut back, and only took my transplant medications on Friday, and did not vomit any. I stayed home from work that day, too. I felt bad on Saturday and was slightly better on Sunday. I went to church Sunday and it was not terrible. I needed to rest during the day, which was good. I went in to work on Monday, but did not feel great. The diarrhea was gone on Sunday but back on Monday.

Tuesday morning (yesterday) I was sick again. I was throwing up and the diarrhea was back in full force. I stayed home Tuesday (and today). I went to the transplant doctor's office Wednesday (today) to see if they had any suggestions. They told me that I was dehydrated and had lost ten pounds. Those two items helped contribute me to having a creatinine of 1.7 (which is bad).

The doctor gave me one liter of saline and sent me to have a CMV test done at the nearby hospital. I guess they don't have the equipment to do that at the transplant office. And, it was a good way to cost me $2 for parking. I go back to the office on Friday to get my results from the CMV test (and see if they found anything).

So, in summary, I've been sick for seven days now. It's not fun, and I'm not enjoying it. I don't know what to do to get better, and the doctors don't have much information to give me, yet. I'd appreciate any prayers.

I'll give more updates when I learn more (probably after Friday's appointment).