Saturday, October 10, 2009

Follow-Up from Friday's Appointment

I went to the doctor again on Friday. They said that the CMV test results were negative. At least that is a positive thing.

They ran a sonogram on my transplanted kidney while I was there to see if there were any problems. The sonogram came up good, with nice blood flow running through the kidney. They said it looked like I was getting more fluid, which is a good thing.

My creatinine was still at 1.7 on Friday. The doctor's original call was to have me go to the hospital and be monitored over the weekend. But, given that I promised to take care of myself, they said I could go home, drink LOTS of clear fluids (soups, Gatorade, salty stuff, etc) and take Imodium if needed.

I took some Imodium at noon, but did not need any more yesterday. I actually ate some semi-substantial food for supper last night, which is a good thing. And, all the food stayed down (also good).

I woke up this morning feeling well again (which is nice). I ate some Cheerios and a banana for breakfast. Now, I just have to see how the rest of the weekend goes.

I have another appointment on Monday to see the nephrologists. Maybe they will be able to give me some good news. I hope I am still feeling better!

Thanks for all the prayers - talk to you again soon.
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