Tuesday, November 24, 2009


You know, I totally forgot to follow up on my nine-day illness. I did get better.

After reading some comments on my previous post, I realized that I did not tell my reading community about the resolution of my problem.

It turns out that I got better soon after I last visited the doctor. I was sick for a grand total of nine days, and eventually got better. It was strange to be sick for so long after not being ill at all for the past two years. I'm glad that I am feeling better and that the doctors were there to take care of me.

Hopefully, I will not be sick again for at least two more years. I am doubtful of that, especially considering a new family addition that should take place in a few weeks.

My next task at the doctor's office will be to ask how infant immunizations affect an immuno-suppressed person (such as myself). I know that some of the vaccinations are live virus, and I need to know if it will be a problem.

I probably won't find out about that stuff until January. I'll post again (later) if I learn more. Have a great one!!
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