Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Real Problems Begin

So, I started getting sick on May 23. I had a fever, lots of nausea, and pain in my left kidney. We went to the Emergency Room that night, they ran a CT scan of my abdomen, and did not find any problems other than my polycystic kidneys. They sent me home and said I should go and see my family doctor. I went and saw her a couple of days later, and she prescribed an antibiotic (because it seemed that I had a kidney infection that they hadn't detected in the ER). I started taking the antibiotic on Friday, but it did not have a chance to help as I was still throwing up every day.

I went back to the emergency room on May 30. I hadn't really been able to eat for about three days at that point due to the nausea. I was also still in quite a bit of pain in my left kidney from the infection. The doctors in the ER decided to admit me into the hospital. They hooked me up to an IV to hydrate me, and I was also on a morphine drip to control the pain (which was worse than any kidney stone I had ever had). The infection in my left kidney was causing quite a lot of pain.
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