Tuesday, April 11, 2006

New Fistula Follow-Up

I just got back from the vascular surgeon. Today was my one week follow up for the new fistula that he put in (back on Monday, 4/3/06). He unwrapped my bloodied bandages, and felt around my bruised skin. He then put the ultrasound wand over the fistula (which is a few centimeters above the incision) and took a look inside. He said that he liked what he was hearing and seeing, and he said that the fistula looks like it is doing just fine.

I am scheduled to come back in two more weeks (three weeks after the surgery) to have my arm looked at again. He said that at that time he may remove the stitches (depending on how well I am healing). It is not a problem that my incision is still leaking a little blood. In fact, it’s just part of the healing process, and my arm is healing fine. It takes several weeks for a surgery like the one I had to heal completely.

So, all-in-all, life is going well. My arm is not quite stretching out completely without pain, yet, but that is part of the healing process. My dialysis has been going mostly okay recently. The only exception was a week or two ago. I had what seemed like a good treatment, but I was awake for the next hour feeling hot and nauseated. I haven’t had that problem again, and I think it may have been caused by taking off too much fluid. So, I am sticking with my 69.0 kg weight and hoping that everything works from there.

My work life is going well, too. The person that helped me get my job left the company on Friday, and I am slowly working my way in to covering his old duties. He worked on many things in a lot of areas, so it may be two or three weeks before I feel competent. The good thing is that this job is full of challenges, which is what I really enjoy.

I continue to desire your prayers this week. I have had two family members and two friends get their blood tested for kidney transplantation. The transplant coordinator should contact me soon to let me know the results and have me think about picking someone out to be fully tested. Please pray that God will show me the right person to have tested and that the testing process goes quickly and smoothly. Also pray that I will continue to do well while I am on dialysis.

The pastor at our church spoke last Sunday about bringing glory to God through our lives. He said that glory is just raising the opinions that others have about someone or something. So, I want to live my life, kidney disease and all, so that it raises other people’s opinions about God. I want to be a good example of a Christian. Please pray with me that I will continue to show those around me how wonderful God really is. Thanks!
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