Sunday, September 07, 2008

Post Op II - ENT

I had my second (and it seems, final) post operative appointment with the ENT on Tuesday this week.  He peered deep into my nose (after allowing me an hour to catch up on my reading in the waiting room) and said that I am healing quite well.  He said I should continue to use nasal spray and that the swelling was healing nicely.

I'm still blowing up a bit of dired up goop in my nose from time to time, but not very often.  My teeth almost never hurt anymore when I blow my nose, and it doens't feel all "crazy" on my septum when breathing in sharply or blowing my nose. (see

My nose runs a bit still, but that's to be expected as I am allergic to all things in the air. (see:  I'm glad that there is very little pain in sneezing or blowing my nose, though it is still sensitive to the touch (it hurts some).

That's about it for my nasal experience.  Oh, wait -- I don't have that persistent cough any more!!!  I guess that makes it all about worth it as far as the surgery is concerned.

Thanks for all of your prayers through this time.  I appreciate it, and I know God listened and helped make the healing go that much faster and easier.
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