Thursday, July 07, 2005

Back in the Hospital

Well, it seems that my recovery wasn't going as well as I had hoped. I had some severe nausea today, and with it a LOT of pain in my right kidney. We went to the emergency room on July 5, and they decided to admit me to the hospital for a while to watch me. I have been passing blood from my kidney for about a week now, so I think they want to make sure that gets under control as well.

It seems that all that blood I've been losing has made me severely anemic. I am scheduled for a couple blood transfusions this week (while I'm sitting here in the hospital). They are just glad that my other kidney is showing no signs of infection, so they are not afriad they will have to remove it. The doctor did say, however, that if they need to take the kidney that they will do it to keep me alive.

The transfusions help with the anemia, and the doctors have told me to stop taking my blood thinner as it is causing more harm than good at this point. Since they never determined if a clot was responsible for my stroke earlier this year, it will be better to not risk the bleeding that I am having as a result of the blood thinner. They are also giving me an artificial hormone to help my body produce more red blood cells. This hormone is normally produced by the kidneys, but my body has not made enough of it for over a year. I've been taking an artificial hormone, off and on, for quite a while now and it seems to help.

Well, hopefully I won't be in the hospital too much longer. I want to get well so that I can go back to having a normal life. Please continue to keep Jenny and me in your prayers. Thanks!
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