Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Road to Recovery

Well, today is Wednesday, and it's already been a busy week. I had an appointment with my nephrologist on Monday, a follow-up with the surgeon that put in my AV Fistula yesterday, and an appointment with my boss this morning. I think everything is going well, so far.

They ran blood work at the nephrologist's office, and my creatinine is down to 5.1, which is just amazing considering that I just lost a kidney. Now, normal is still around 1.0, but I did not expect to be down to 5.1 this quickly. My hemoglobin count is 12.3, which means that I am still slightly anemic. But, the anemia is not nearly as much of a lifestyle problem as the low kidney function is.

The fistula surgeon took a detailed look at my arm yesterday. He said the the fistula is developing well and should continue to do so as long as I keep taking care of it. It takes a fistula about 6 to 8 weeks to mature to the point where it can be used for dialysis access. All my doctors hope that I can hold out for dialysis until this fistula is developed. That way, they will not have to do an additional surgery to put a temporary access into my chest (above the heart). The fistula should be ready (at the earliest) by the end of July.

I also went in and talked to my boss at work today. Now, I have been off of work (on disability) for a month now. He has been very supportive and even came to see me in the hospital a couple of times. He said that he does not want me to rush back in to work, and that I should ask my nephrologist about when I can come back to work. I see the nephrologist again on July 6. The company is doing a good job of looking out for me and they are saving me a position that I can ease back into as soon as I am ready to come to work.

My prayer requests are as follows:
  • Pray that my remaining kidney will continue to heal!
  • Pray that the fistual will develop properly for the day that it will be needed
  • Pray for Jenny (my wife) as she is taking care of me
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