Friday, June 17, 2005

Visiting the Surgeon

I had an appointment with the kidney surgeon today. He removed the staples from my abdominal scar and taped it up. I had 27 staples in all. He said that the tape will be on the scar for the next few days and that I am okay to shower and let it fall off. He also said that I have healed remarkable well, and I do not have to come and see him for three more months.

I am slowly recovering (physically) and I am actually starting to feel better again. I am able to eat a little bit more food every day (which is nice). My wife and I are trying to take a short walk every night to help me get some strength back up, since I was just basically laying around in the hospital for the last two weeks.

I have heard many, many friends tell me that they are praying for me. Also, my family has told me that they have shared my story with their friends, and that there are several churches all over the country that have me on their prayer list.

If you are praying for me at this time, please continue to pray for:
  1. healing (both physical and emotional)
  2. that my remaining kidney to continue to work well enough to keep him off of dialysis
  3. if my right kidney continues to fail, I will be able to get a transplant
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