Friday, January 06, 2006

No Fistula Thursday

Well, as it turns out, I did not have my fistula used on Thursday night. I guess that the nephrologist did not put an order in my file for me to go back to using the fistula, so the nurse just hooked me up to my chest catheter again. Now, I am not one to complain about not being injured, so I did not mention anything. I was a bit hesitant about going back to the fistula before the vascular surgeon had recommended. According to him, I should wait until January 19 to start using my newly healed fistula. That is still six dialysis treatments away, so I will see how long it takes for the nephrologist to write down his order. If he never does, then I will suggest using the fistula starting January 19.

My arm is a bumpy, knobby sight. I think I might have disgusted a couple of people at lunch yesterday by rolling up my sleeves. I had shaved the hair around my fistula yesterday in preparation for dialysis, and so now the curves and throbs of my vein are easily visible on my arm. Normally, my arm hair covers this up, but no longer. I was tired of having that hair removed forcible by tape, so I shaved it off myself. I guess I will let it grow for a couple of weeks again until the clinic is ready to use my arm.

Let’s see … in other news, my wife’s birthday is one week away. She said that this year, I should try and get her something better than last year’s present. What did I get for her last year (you may ask)? I got NOTHING. That’s right, a big old box of air. A sack of emptiness. A handful of invisible goodness. This is where I come to you, the loyal readers (especially those that don’t mind sentence fragments in the interest of a good story). I have an e-mail link at the bottom of my page. Or, you can write comments on the page itself. Toss out some ideas for a good birthday present. She’s going to be one year older and more beautiful, so I am sure that anything you suggest will be my choice from 2004. Let’s hear it, world!

Thank you for coming by to read, today. I look forward to sorting through the list of gift ideas and seeing what eBay and my bank account REALLY think of them. I am continuing to enjoy the horrid tubes in my chest, which will hopefully be gone by February (maybe). Enjoy your day!
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