Wednesday, March 01, 2006

February Comment Review

Hey everybody. Thanks for coming by. I don’t have a lot of new news today. My cardiologist just doubled my Toprol XL dosage (again). I am now taking 320 mg of Diovan, 5 mg of Norvasc, and 200 mg or Toporl XL for my blood pressure. Hopefully this will solve my BP problems. I will go by her office in two weeks have my pressure taken again. I will be recording my pressure at dialysis until then (like I’ve been doing for the past 6 weeks).

So, today, I decided to review my comments from the last month. Here we go:

The following comment was left on the Jan 31 post –

At 11:49 AM, Anonymous said...
Hiatal hernias do seem to be fairly common. My mom has had one for years, and on her recent visit to the dr. last week, they said that it has shrunk. She just had her Gall Bladder out a couple of weeks ago as it was only functioning at 28%. Great news about getting on the transplant list! I take it you are on the list from now to this time next year, the have to renew?Michael
As well as –

At 5:01 PM, The Bergers said...
Nathan & Jenny! Great news about the transplant list. I am very excited to hear that. My uncle was on the liver transplant list, but through prayer he has now been moved off b/c he is doing so well and his liver is actually improving! We will pray the same for you as well...Christi & Lucas
Michael is right. I do have to basically renew my place on the list every year until I get a transplant. That way, the doctors can make sure that you still need a kidney. If the Lord does choose to heal me before I am approved for a transplant, then I will be sure to call them up and take myself off the list. My family and friends continue to pray for my health and healing, however God chooses to provide it.

I have an appointment with my GI doctor at the end of March. She did not really give me any information that I did not already know. She did not change my medications, and I did not learn much. I am hoping that she will have more information for me since my labs should be back from the endoscopy.

This comment was posted on my Feb 03 blog –

At 7:25 PM, Anonymous said...
I’ve been on PD 4 years, Congratulations for the transplant. I am 43 years woman who is in the list too. I live in Mexico and my sister lives in Garland, TX and last December I spent Christmas there. Hope you are ok.Alejandra

It’s always good to see other people in the same place as I am. I have yet to actually meet anyone on the transplant list, but it is interesting to know that others are in the area. I am hoping that I will not have to wait for a cadaveric kidney and that one of my donors will be able to donate. That will be the easiest (and best) kidney that I could get.

The last comment was from the Feb 23 blog –

At 11:26 PM, ladybug said...
just came across your website. i have igan, at pre-transplant stage. my husband is donating his kidney to me, and we are just waiting for a transplant date. i really like your blog, am linking to you.
I am glad that my blog can bring some happiness to people. I write mostly for myself, as a place to put out my feelings and thoughts as I am dealing with dialysis and my kidney disease. I also use it as a place that my family and friends can find out what is going on in my life (as pertains to my disease).

I have been reading a bit more of other people’s blogs, and it makes me feel like I have kind of slacked off in writing. When I first began, I was trying to post two or three times a week. Lately, however, I have been much busier and have been lucky to get out one post per week. I will continue to work on putting out posts, so you can keep coming to read.

And, if you link to my site, let me know, and I will come by and at least read through your site. I may not link (especially if I don’t know you), but I do enjoy reading. My Google Reader has been feeding me more RSS every day (it’s great!)

Thanks for coming by today.
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