Thursday, May 04, 2006

Long Week

Hey everyone. I realize that I have not posted since last week, and I am trying to make up for that today. I am sitting in dialysis at the moment, and I thought I'd take a minute to update everyone.

This week, I spoke to the GI doctor several times. She ran a test on my gall bladder to see if it was misbehaving. The test said that my gall bladder ejection was abnormally low (around 30%). She advised that I go and talk to a laproscopic surgeon to find out more about my options. I have an appointment next week to meet the surgeon. Maybe I'll find out what is going on from him in terms of my stomach problems.

I came in to dialysis almost 4 kg overweight on Tuesday. I don't tolerate taking off that much fluid, so I had them only remove 3500 cc of fluid. That had me leaving dialysis at 69.9 kg instead of my usual 69.5.

Wednesday night, I woke up very sick. My stomach hurt and I vomitted several times (emptying my stomach). I called in sick to work, and eventually got back to sleep. I was sick most of Thursday morning, but felt well enough to eat some soup for lunch. I fell better now, and expect to go back to work tomorrow.

My weight at dialysis was 70.1 kg when I came in today. That means I only put on 0.2 kg in two days (thanks to being sick).

I don't have anything else today. Please continue to pray that the transplant process will keep moving along. Also pray for my health. Being nauseated is no fun. Thanks for reading and for praying.

My blood pressure is still a little low and my pulse remains a bit high. I see the cardiologist in a couple weeks so I hope to know more then.

Good-bye, and good night.
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