Friday, May 26, 2006

Bye Bye Gall Bladder

Hi, this is Jenny, Nathan's wife. He asked me to write and let everyone know how his gall bladder surgery went this morning. He was in surgery for about an hour. The doctor said things went well and there were no problems or complications. His blood pressure dropped once during the procedure, but it came back up when they gave him some extra saline. They think he was probably a little dehydrated from a combination of not eating and last night's dialysis.

Nathan has minimal scarring; four tiny incisions, two of which are on the kidney scar. He is pretty uncomfortable, but we're at home resting. He's hoping to be well enough to return to work on Tuesday. He was glad to get Monday off as a holiday.

We talked to the transplant coordinator this morning to let her know about Nathan's surgery. She said she temporarily changed his status on the transplant list to Level 7, which is like being on hold. She is going to check for us to see how long he will remain at that level. I would guess 4 to 6 weeks. She explained that even though he is “on hold” that he is still accruing time on the list. He will not have to start over with his amount of time spent on the list.

Please pray that he recovers quickly and will be able to return to work soon. We're hoping to be at church on Sunday if Nathan feels up to it.

Thanks for coming by to read! I'm glad Nathan allowed me to be a guest writer. Maybe I'll get to come back again when he gets his transplant. :)

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