Saturday, June 03, 2006

Post Surgery Update

Hi everyone,

It's been about a week since I have blogged, so I apologize for not keeping everyone updated. I am recovering well from the gall bladder surgery. The holes in my belly are healing pretty well, though the one closest to my belly button did bleed a little bit in my sleep last night. It doesn't look like it is having any problems. I think the stuff that they used to close the incisions is probably just starting to wear off, and the incisions are healing fairly well on their own. I haven't had any residual pain from the surgery, so that's been good. I'm eating fairly well, though I have had a bit of upset stomach the last few days. The doctor said that would be normal as I heal from abdominal surgery.

I have some unfortunate news on the transplant front. My dad called last night to tell me that he had been contacted by the transplant coordinator. She told him that they would not be able to use his kidney for my transplant. I think it is mainly age related, though if you want the full story, I can tell you one-on-one.

This means that I will now have to have a second person get tested. I've got a fairly extensive list of people that have volunteered to be tested. All I have to do now is to contact someone on the list and see if they are still willing to go through with the testing. Then, I'll talk to the transplant coordinator and let her know who to go after next.

So, it has been a fairly busy week. I recovered from surgery on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. I went back to work on Tuesday, and everything went well. I had my follow-up appointment with the surgeon, and he said that everything looked fine. At dialysis, they moved from using 17-gauge needles to using 16-gauge. They prefer to use the larger, 15-gauge needles. I imagine that they will start using those on Tuesday. The larger needles mean that they can run the machine at a faster filtering rate, and that I get a more effective treatment (better clearance).

The techs at dialysis have been having an interesting time with my fistula. I never have the same person more than two treatments in a row, so that makes it a little difficult to get a consistent stick. I've got three or four different areas on the fistula that have been used, so far. Sometimes, the needles end up very close together, and sometimes they are a little farther apart. I think it is easier for the technician to place the needles farther apart, and I probably get a better treatment that way, too. Hopefully, now that I am starting to get repeats on the tech that sticks me, I will get more consistent treatments.

I have a few prayer requests for the week. Please pray for my next possible kidney donor. Pray that God will help me choose the person that He has planned for my kidney donation. Pray that the testing will go easily and that we will find out who is the right donor. Also please pray for my continued recovery from the gall bladder surgery. Pray that the incisions will finish healing and that my stomach will settle down (so that I can enjoy eating again).

Thanks for coming by to read!

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