Thursday, July 13, 2006

Monthly Labs - July 2006

It is time, once again, for Nathan's Monthly Lab report. Yes, that's right folks, about this time every month, I get a copy of my lab reports from the dialysis clinic and I share them with you. So, sit back and relax, the fun is about to begin.
  • Albumin - 4.7 (Goal is 3.8 to 4.5)
  • enPCR - no recent value available
  • eKdrt/V - no recent value available
  • Potassium - 3.9 (Goal is 3.5 to 6.0)
    Your potassium leve is normal.
    You are doing a good job with the potassium in your diet.
  • Corrected Calcium - 10.0 (Goal is 8.4 to 9.5)
    Your corrected calcium is high
    Check with your doctor
  • Glucose - no recent value available
  • Phosphorus - 3.3 (Goal is 3.5 to 5.5)
    Your phosphorus is low
    Your dietician will discuss your food choices
  • Cholesterol - no recent value available
  • Hemoglobin A1C - 5.2 (Goal is less than 7.5)
    Your hemoglobin A1C is well controlled
    This means that your average glucose (blood sugar) has been normal for the last 3 months. Good job!
  • Hemoglobin - 11.0 (Goal is 11.0 to 12.0)
    You hemoglobin is normal
    Your anemia is under control
  • Average Fluid Weight Gain - 2.02 kg or 2.9% (Goal is 3-5% of dry weight unless you have signs and symptoms of fluid overload).
    This is acceptable.
So, this month's report was filled with good news. For one, my Phosphorus went down from 7.5 in May, to 5.4 in June, to 3.3 in July. The dietitian said that I should adjust my phosphorus binders to try and get my number back up into the normal range. I'll see if I can figure out just the right amount to take to keep myself healthy. Taking a little bit less of the phosphorus binder will also help my calcium get back into the normal range (since the binders are basically calcium pills). As you can see, everything else is looking normal. My dry weight is 70.5 kg, at the moment, and I am thinking about having it raised to 71.0. I've had some dizziness and cramping the day after my treatment, and I think it might be fluid related.

I finally saw the nephrologist on Tuesday. I got myself scheduled for a Friday afternoon appointment to have the temp-cath in my chest removed. I will be glad to finally have those tubes out. Then I don't have to worry about it getting infected. I think the doctor had me confused with someone else when he talked to me. He asked how some other problems that I had never had were going, and I told him they were okay. I guess that's the problem with having one doctor cover 30 patients in one hour.

I talked to the insurance company this week, and they said that I needed to talk to the financial department at Baylor. I sent them my billing statement and the letter from the insurance company notifying me of payment rejection. The financial department is supposed to look over everything and see if they can figure out who is supposed to pay them. Plesae pray that this gets figured out quickly so that I can have more potential donors tested soon.

I have received many encouraging comments on the blog and direct e-mails. Thank you all for your prayers and your support. Keep posting comments and sending e-mails. I don't reply to each and every one, but they all give me a boost each time I read them.
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