Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Moving Along

Welcome to another (fairly) weekly update to the “Way My Life Is Going” (trademarks pending in 47 states). Work, as you know, is busy. My health has been on a fairly steady plateau, which is wonderful. I have yet to hear from the transplant coordinator, which means that tomorrow will be another voicemail from me to her.

Like I said, my health is going along in a fairly steady manner. Today is the first Tuesday of the month, so they should draw lab work this afternoon when I get to dialysis. I do not expect any surprises, and hope to see all of my numbers still sitting in the “good” zone like they mostly have been for the past four months. Keeping my number in the normal range is probably the best thing that I can do for my continued health while I am on dialysis. Most of the solutions for good lab results are fairly simple, and it would basically be my own fault if they started to slip now.

As mentioned, I have not heard from the transplant coordinator yet on the status of Josh’s testing. I gave her a call on Friday and left a voicemail. If she does not call back today, then I will call again tomorrow and leave another voicemail. I imagine that after a few of those, I will get moved up in the priority list. I understand that she was on vacation last week, so I am not too much in a hurry, yet.

I cannot think of much else that is new going on. Jenny is enjoying her work as a substitute teacher. She moved from full time teaching so that she would be more available to spending time with me in the hospital, should I need to go for any reason. She says that there is much less stress involved now that she knows she will not be responsible for lesson plans during an extended absence (the type you might expect for a kidney transplant).

Our health benefits are being renewed at work this month. Some of the things that we can expect are possibly lower out-of-pocket costs on prescriptions, though I doubt I will personally benefit from those savings. They are also going to offer short term disability to all employees for free (currently, it is a paid-for benefit). I am sure that just means that long term disability will just be more expensive (right now, I pay for both, and I will continue to get both under the new plan). I don’t think that much else is changing. It doesn’t look like our monthly paycheck deductions are going up too much, and that is always nice (especially when you are trying to save money for large purchases).

That’s about it for today. Please continue to pray that God’s will is being done with Josh’s kidney transplant test results. I want to follow Him, even if He says to wait. Please pray that my health will continue to do well, so that I can continue to work and enjoy my few activities.

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