Thursday, December 07, 2006

Transplant Testing Year II

Hello everyone. Remember when I told you that the Dallas Transplant Institute had scheduled me for tests on Monday and for next week's Friday? Yeah, well, it turns out that those tests are to maintain my status on the transplant list.

I went in Monday and had a chest x-ray done and some blood drawn. Then, I went to eat lunch and have my physician's consultation. The nurse did the EKG (I think, the one with electrodes all over your chest and they scan your heart for about a minute). Then, I talked with the PA. She had my lab results back already, and said that everything looked great (except for the CBC, and the machine was broken, so they couldn't take it). She said that she wished that other patients took care of themselves as well. I have to fax my CBC over from dialysis (which should be ready tonight). I also had to send over my TB test results. But, I should remain on the list for one more year (based on what I have seen so far). I still have to have a stress test done on my heart on the 15th, but I am not worried about that.

They drew our labs on Tuesday (the 5th). I should get back the results tonight, since I need to send them to the transplant people. The charts probably won't be ready until next week, but that's normal. I am not expecting to see any problems, as my labs have been going great for at least the last six months. Thank you for your continued prayers in that area.

In other news, the transplant committee will meet on Friday (the 8th) to discuss Kala and see if they want to let her donate a kidney. It does not sound like there will be any problems. Please pray that the committee comes to a conclusion quickly and that we find out so that we will know what to do next.

Thank you for all of your prayers. Keep my health in your prayers, as you have to stay healthy in order to qualify for a transplant. Keep praying for Kala, that she will not be worried or nervous as Friday and the weekend get closer.

Thanks for reading!
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