Thursday, November 30, 2006

Soon to Come ... Tests for Nathan

It is time once again for me to update the world on how I am doing (and what is going on). Last week was Thanksgiving, so I was busy with family things and did not get around to posting too much. Though, I see I have been getting around 30 hits a day, so I should probably get some new content up here for people to enjoy.

I got a letter Tuesday evening from the Dallas Pre-Transplant group letting me know that they had scheduled a couple of days worth of tests for me at the beginning of December. I have some lab work, some consultations, and a stress test set up on the 4th and the 15th. I have never taken a stress test before, so that should be fun. The other tests I have done before, and they are not a problem.

I am looking at these tests as being a good sign. This is the first time (after I have had a donor tested) that the pre-transplant group has contacted me to do some further testing. I guess that all of Kala's results have been good, so they are going to run me through a couple of things again just to make sure that I am still a good match to her. That is good news, and I am glad to hear it. Hopefully everything will be in order and the transplant can keep moving forward.

Other than that, everything is going well. I think my allergies decided to revolt this afternoon. I just started sneezing this afternoon and haven't been able to quit. I guess the body can produce mucus even if you aren't taking in a lot of fluid. I will have to try and get some Benadryl to save my nose. We don't have a lot of soft tissue at work, so it's starting to take it's toll on me.

Please pray for the transplant committee. They are going to make their decision on Kala next week (I believe) to see if she can donate her kidney. Please pray for my tests that they will go quickly and there will not be any problems.

Oh, and totally unrelated, but it snowed here today. By snow, I mean some snow fell from the sky. It melted as soon as it landed, but it was in the sky! Winter has arrived (for a day or two).
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