Wednesday, November 22, 2006

One Last Update from Kala

I got a final note from Kala (my potential donor) the other day. She said that her MRI results are perfectly fine and that she is in great condition for laparoscopic surgery. She also had to fax over her latest "women's" exams. I guess neither one of us had thought about those being necessary as she is the first female I've had tested. So, now she is set to wait until the December 8 meeting of the committee to find out if they accept her as my donor. If so, we should be able to schedule the procedures in January!

Please continue to pray for Kala's committee results. Also pray for me, that I will not place false hope in this decision, but that I will continue to keep trusting God and placing my hope in Him. It is sometimes difficult to focus my energies the right way, but I always want God to be first, regardless of how things go around me.
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