Monday, November 13, 2006

Quick Prayer Request

Hi Everybody! (Hi, Dr. Nick!)

I've got a short post for today. I got an e-mail from Kala this weekend. She wanted me to know that her MRI was scheduled for Tuesday (November 14), and that she would like some prayers for herself. Kala said she was a bit claustrophobic.

For those of you that do not know, MRI means Magnetic Resonance Imaging. It is a noninvasive, non-x-ray diagnostic technique based on the magnetic fields of hydrogen atoms in the body. An MRI provides computer-generated, three-dimensional images of the body's internal tissues and organs. To do the test, you lie down on a table, and the doctors slide you into a tube. If memory serves correctly, the inside of the tube is not too much wider than the table (slightly broader than your shoulders). So, it is a tight squeeze. And, the test is not quiet. The machine bangs around a lot while the magnets look at your organs.

So, if you will pray for Kala for her tests on Tuesday, we would all appreciate it. Thanks!
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