Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Clinic Visit from Monday

Hi Everybody! (Hi, Dr. Nick)

I had another follow-up appointment yesterday (I am now seeing the doctors every two weeks, which is nice). They scheduled my 3-month Glofil test on the same day, so I was in the office about three hours or so.

The Glofil test was nice and easy. I think that I must be keeping myself fairly well-hydrated on a regular basis. I did not drink much more than normal during the weekend. When I arrived at my test, I was told to drink 5 glasses (about 200ml each) to start. Then, the second round was 1 glass, and I drank 2 glasses for the third and four rounds. I feel like I was better off than the guy that had to drink 3 to 5 glasses each time. I took the test in the morning, and the lab guy was not available after my doctor's visit, so I probably will not find out my results until the 29th, when I return to the doctor's office for my next clinic visit.

In other news, my creatinine was down 0.9 (from 1.0 last time). It is always good to see my creatinine down, and I am pleased any time it is below 1.0 (which is very good). This means that my new kidney is functioning well after about four months of living in my body.

They drew my cholesterol and everything looked good. I think I will be able to stay on the Lovastatin instead of the Lipitor (saving a bunch of money every month).

I think that the Myfortic is much more gentle on my system than was the Cellcept. I can't tell for sure, since I am taking an antibiotic for some "other" GI issues. I will stay on two Myfortic per day for the next two weeks and see. If I'm doing okay, maybe I'll ask the doctor to raise me to three per day.

I am almost done taking the antibiotics from the GI doctor. I don't know if they are working or not. I guess they will have to do another study to find out. Luckily, I won't have to take any more after Wednesday. I do not like the taste, and I do not think my intestines enjoy them, either.

I think that's it from a health standpoint. We got the carpet and tiles in the new house cleaned by Dalworth, and they did a great job (I was there when they finished up, and it looks very nice). They told us how to seal the grout and how to Scotch-Guard the carpet to help protect both, and we will probably try and do that this week before the furniture arrives. Dalworth also came out (different crew) to clean all of the air vents, ducts, and returns. They even fixed the slight rattle that our air conditioner was having. It seems the compressor was slightly unstable. I am hoping that that lack of dust and dirt will be nice on my allergies for at least a couple of months until our dust fills up the house. Oh, and Dalworth sent me a coupon code which is good for six months, so if you are having some services done, let me know, and I'll forward you the code.

That's about it. My health is wonderful, and the house is nice and clean. I do not plan to do do too much moving, to keep myself safe and healthy. I had some pain in my old kidney after we boxed up some of our stuff, so I am trying to keep my stress levels down.

If I hear from the Dallas Transplant Institute before the 29th, then I will let you know what my Glofil score was. If you remember from last time, my Glofil was 86.1. I am hoping that it will be that good or better this time.

See you later!!
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