Monday, September 10, 2007

Help End Limit on Drug Coverage for Kidney Transplants!

The PKD Foundation has recently sent me an ACTION ALERT!

Action Alert:
Help End 36-Month Limit on Vital Anti-Rejection Drug Coverage for Kidney Transplant Recipients!

More than 60 percent of PKD patients will develop kidney failure and be forced to rely on dialysis or a transplant to live.

While Medicare covers dialysis indefinitely, in many cases, it will only cover vital immunosuppressive drugs for kidney transplants for 36 months! Once this period ends, transplant patients are forced to find other ways to pay for these expensive medications.

Many cannot afford to continue treatment.

You can help end this 36-month limit and make a true difference in the lives of PKD patients nationwide!

Take part in this Action Alert today!

Learn more about other PKD Foundation efforts, such as the Walk for PKD - this month in cities across the country!
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