Tuesday, January 15, 2008

You're a Genius

So, I am not normally a fan of the "my blog says this about me" quizzes on the Internet. I saw this one on a friend's page, and she had been rated as "elementary level" and I wanted to see where I fit. It seems (probably based on the words POLYCYSTIC KIDNEY DISEASE in the title) that you have to be a genius to read my blog. So, good news for all of you. You're a genius.


So, just to make this a valid post, I will put in some information about me (and possibly my kidney). It has been cooler here in Texas over the last several days, and I am feeling it. Back in the summer, I was afraid that I was always going to be hot all the time after the transplant. But, it seems like that won't be a problem. I go to work and my thermometer says it is 73.9° F in my cubicle (though, I don't believe it, as the next cube over is 69.9ยบ) and I am freezing. I have been enjoying a new blanket I got for Christmas and some new warm sock/slipper things.

My medication is still going well. This is my last week for 7mg of Prednisone. Next week, I move down to 6mg. The doctor said (several weeks ago) that I could move from 10mg to 5mg per day. I just had to reduce by one milligram every four weeks. He actually said every month, but it's easier for me to keep track of when I change if I do it every 28 days (since my medication holder is set for seven days). I don't notice much difference, but it is nice to be on less of the medication that makes you hyper and have more of an appetite.

I am working on being more regular about exercising. We got a pre-owned treadmill from some friends right before Christmas, so that has been nice. I can walk on it without having to drive to the exercise facility that is provided by work. And, yesterday was nice enough outside in the afternoon that I actually went out and rode my bike for a little while.

We celebrated Jenny's birthday on Sunday. She said that she really enjoyed it and doesn't mind growing older. Mine is not for two more months, so I get to make fun of her for being older than me once again (for a short time). I've enjoyed my last year (with the new kidney) and I hope that it can bring me through the next thirty years.

That's about it for today. The Glofil test is set for January 22. I should get to hear from the doctor about how great I'm doing and see if there is anything I can do to make it better. I'm always looking for ways to make the kidney last a little longer.

See you next time, geniuses!!
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