Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Allergy Test Results

I had my allergy test on Tuesday. It was not too bad, though I was very allergic to dust mites. I reacted to them as soon as she put that swab on my back. The allergy test involved me taking off my shirt, and laying on my stomach for 15 minutes. The nurse put a LOT of swabs (86, I think) on my back, and then did a small scratch on them, to expose me to the allergen. After about five minutes, she came in and wiped off the ones I had the greatest reaction to, and then was back about 10 minutes after that to clean me off, write down results, and give me an anti-itch spray.

Here are the results:
  • GRASS POLLEN: (see types)
    • Bermuda - yes
    • Fescue - yes
    • Brome - yes
    • Orchard - yes
    • Red Top - yes
    • Rye - yes
    • June/Blue Grass - yes
    • Johnson - yes
    • Timothy - yes
    • Bahia (Dallis) - yes
    • Wheatgrass - yes
  • POLLEN OF OTHER WEEDS: (see types)
    • Careless Weed - yes
    • Dock - yes
    • Pigweed - yes
    • Western Water Hemp - no
    • English Plantain - yes
    • Firebush (Kochia) - yes
    • Sage - yes
    • Cocklebur - yes
    • Lambs Quarter - yes
    • Marsh Elder - yes
    • Russian Thistle - yes
    • Sorrel - yes
  • SPRING TREE POLLEN: (see types)
    • Cottonwood - yes
    • Ash - yes
    • Box Elder/Maple - no
    • Hackberry - yes
    • Willow - yes
    • Mulberry - yes
    • Walnut - yes
    • Pecan - yes
    • Oak - yes
    • American Elm - yes
    • Sycamore - yes
    • Privet (Ligstrum) - yes
    • Pine - yes
    • Mesquite - yes
  • MT. CEDAR POLLEN - yes
  • MOLDS - FUNGUS - yes
  • HOUSE DUST - yes
  • DUST MITES - yes
  • COCKROACH - yes
  • CAT DANDER - no
  • DOG DANGER - yes
  • HAMSTER - yes
  • CATTLE - yes
  • Other:
    • Peanut - yes
So, I disagreed with the doctor about Cats and Peanuts. I told him that cats make me sneeze, just to see them. And, I've never reacted to a peanut. But, that's the way the tests came back.

They suggested reducing my exposure to being outside to help with outdoor allergies. They said to not open doors/windows at home to get "fresh air" as that will let in more allergies.

They told me to continue on the Nasonex and to go back on my Zyrtec (or generic stuff). They also added Astelin nasal spray to my regimen. I'm supposed to mix and match until I find the minimum number of medications that work for me.

So, I expect to hear lots more requests from Jenny to get a cat (which I will continue to deny). I also went to the local health foods store (Sprouts) and bought a new deodorant. It's called "Crystal Stick Deodorant" and contains only "natural mineral salts". You are supposed to get it wet, rub it on, and then dry off the stick. So far, it's working pretty well. I think my arms have healed quite a bit since I started using it. I'll see how I like it after a month or so.

That's about it for today. Good night everyone!
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