Tuesday, April 29, 2008

TB Results: Probably No

I called my nephrologist's office yesterday morning. I wanted to know if they had read my x-ray that was taken Wednesday morning. I figured two full business days would be long enough. They called back and told me that the x-rays results had not been filed by the radiologist yet. However, my nephrologist took a look and said that it is unlikely that I have contracted tuberculosis.

So, all is good news on the TB front. In other news, I visited an allergy doctor last Friday, to complain about my runny nose and stopped up ears. He told me my ear was just full of wax (so I had that flushed out on Monday afternoon). He switched my allergy medicine from Zyrtec (well, generic cetrizine) to Nasonex. I've been taking it a few days, and I'm not sure what I think yet. I have a full allergy test scheduled for next week, just to get an idea as to what makes my nose run.

The allergy doctor must work mainly with nasal allergies. When I asked about my allergic reaction to just about every deodorant I've ever tried, he said he'd have to talk to a dermatologist. Oh well, I'll keep trying different things, then.

Hopefully, the allergy test will give me some good information and maybe help me avoid the sniffles on a more regular basis.

That's it for today.
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