Thursday, December 15, 2005

Pre-Transplant Orientation

Yesterday afternoon was my Pre-Transplant Orientation meeting. I traveled down to south-east Dallas to the Dallas Nephrology / Dallas Transplant offices. There, I sat for about an hour watching a Power Point presentation that could have easily been printed out and given to me to read on my own time. The presenter told us that not all kidneys that get transplanted work for all patients. She also said to take your medications, go to your dialysis, and keep up with your pre-transplant appointments. These things will go a long way to helping you secure a spot on the UNOS list.

She also gave some times. It seems that people with type A blood have an average of greater than 1000 days of waiting time before receiving a transplant. So, unless on of my living donors is a match, I can probably look forward to about three years of waiting. And, speaking of living donors, they will be able to be tested once all of my testing is complete. My transplant coordinator said that they will schedule my blood, antigen, and tissue samples in early January, hopefully all on the same day so I only have to miss one day of work. Once all of that is complete, then I can get my potential living donors to get blood work done so that the transplant office can evaluate who will have the best chance at being a match. They will only test one person at a time, which makes sense since it costs approximately $11,000 per person to get tested. I am guessing that the insurance company and Medicare will help with these costs, but I won’t really know until I get into that phase of the process.

So, the time I have been waiting for since this summer is rapidly approaching. They will start the testing in January, and I was told that it can take up to six months to get all of the necessary things tested and approved. So, if you get a call in July from me asking you to get your blood drawn, well, don’t worry. I just want one of your kidneys.

Thanks for coming by to read today. I realize that my posts have been short, but I haven’t had too much to say. I have dialysis tonight, and I will find out if I can get the stitches out of my arm from when they did the fistula revision surgery. I hope they are ready to come out, because they are loose and are starting to itch.
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