Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Still Going

I am continuing to have dialysis through the perm-cath in my chest. Saturday’s treatment went well, and I expect today’s treatment to be fine, too. I have said it already, but I much prefer the perm-cath in my chest to the temp-cath in my neck (yuck).

I have a call in to my doctor to ask about my thyroid. She said that I have thyroiditis (which is an inflammation of the thyroid gland). She said that she will have to get me in to an endocrinologist to get it looked at and to decide what needs to be done. I’m sure that it will be okay. At least the thyroid only controls just about every function in the body (boo).

Tomorrow is my transplant orientation meeting. I am going to find out about the transplant process, and I should get set up for my tests to help get me on the list. This is a very exciting time (everyone should cheer now). Hopefully it will be a quick process to get me tested and put on the list so that I can start the search for a kidney. All of you potential donors out there, get your driver’s license up to date!

I realize that today’s post is short, but I don’t have a lot to say. I guess that’s a good thing. There isn’t really any bad news. My fistula revision is healing nicely (I think). I go back to see the surgeon in a couple of weeks. Maybe I’ll start using the fistula again soon. Who knows?

Thanks for coming by!
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