Thursday, February 02, 2006

16 Gauge Needles Again

I am in dilaysis again tonight, posting from my chair. They are using the 16-gauge needles again tonight. I was on the 15's for one week, and I imagine that I'll be on the 16's for one week. The doctor did not come Tuesday, so he should be here today. Hopefully he will set me up to have my chest catheter removed (which will be nice). I am looking forward to a real shower again.

I had a new person comment on my blog. She is a nurse at a dialysis clinic. I can't see my other pages right now, but you can check my previous posts to get to her site.

I also joined three Yahoo! discussion groups for kidney disease patients. I hope I will learn more of what to expect from their collective intelligence. And, yes, I think that the Borg had a few good ideas. Collective intelligence would be a huge bonus. I guess that the Internet is another step towards having the collective knowledge of the world available at my fingertips.

Well, I've got 1 hour and 40 minutes left in my treatment, so I'll go back to that. I'm watching Disc 4 of Season 1 of Dark Angel on my DVD. It's a pretty good series (at least Season 1) that I missed the first time around.

Keep praying for my continued health as I await a kidney transplant. I mailed out the applications to those that asked. Thanks!
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