Friday, February 10, 2006

414 Flow Rate

Last night at dialysis was the quarterly test of access flow rates. The technician told me that they do the testing on a regular basis, and since I am using the large needles now, they can go ahead and test me. If you remember, I had to get a fistula revision and a perm-cath because my flow rate was under 400 back in October. So, the test was all important for me. When it was finished, the technician told me that I was running at 414, which was great news. I also found out that the highest flow rate she had ever seen was 2000. That information suddenly changed my thinking. I had thought that maybe 500 was the top, so 350 was not so bad. But, if you can have a flow rate over 2000, then my paltry 350 was pathetic. Now that I am over 400, I hope that my fistula will continue to develop for as long as I am on dialysis.

I have to go to the hospital in about an hour to have my perm-cath removed. So, after two months, I will not have tubes hanging out of my chest! I am sure that having it removed won’t be the most pleasant thing I do all day, but I imagine that it won’t be worse than having the neck catheter inserted or removed. So, if you read this before 11am Friday, then know that I am on my way to feeling like a normal person again. If you read it after 11, then I am probably back at work sans-catheter. And, if you are reading this on Saturday morning, then I am enjoying a long, hot shower, so don’t call and bother me, lol.

There is not really too much more going on. I have one more treatment (Saturday) when I will be recording my blood pressure. I am on Diovan, Toprol XL, and Norvasc, at the moment. I will send another two weeks worth of BP data to my cardiologist on Monday, and we will see what she wants to do from there. My pressure has been down more often, but I still see it in the 150s from time to time. I don’t want it to drop too low, so the medication is a delicate balancing act.

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