Thursday, August 10, 2006

4 Needles, and then 3

I am here at dialysis tonight, and I have a few minutes, so I think I”m going to update my blog. It is Thursday, August 10, and I have been to two treatments since I wrote to you last. Let me tell you how it's going.

Tuesday night, it took four sticks to get my treatment started. The technician, who does a great job, got the first needle in with no problems. She stuck it easily, and got “the flash” right away. But, because they were drawing labs that night, she did not dilute the line with saline. She spent about five minutes trying to get in the next needle, and it ended up that the area was clotted. She had to pull the needle out and find a new location. She spent another five minutes or so looking for a spot, and finally got a replacement needle in place. Unfortunately, by this time, the first needle that was inserted had become clotted. So, she had to remove it and find a new location. She went ahead and drew my labs, and then put in saline to dilute the line so it would not get clotted, too. The fourth needle was successful, and we were able to do the treatment. The machine ran at 300 for a while, but they had to turn it down to 270 after an hour or so.

So, now let me bring you to Thursday. Tonight was only three needles. The first went in easily, and was diluted with saline right away. The second needle went in easily, but pulled a clot. I think there must be several clots hiding under my skin just waiting to get out on a nice friendly dialysis needle. So, it only took about 30 minutes to get me ready, and then we got started. The machine was started at 300, and we bumped it up to 350 after an hour. It has been running successfully at 350 for about an hour now, which is great. If the stick goes well on Saturday, then I will go to 400 (which is the fastest that they like to run the machine). 400 ml/min helps you get the best possible treatment available.

They drew labs on Tuesday, so I should have the report next week. I think I have been doing well on my diet, so I want to see if all of my numbers are in range. The one that causes me the most problems is the phosphorus. Last month, it was a little low. So, maybe this month, I will be back in the middle of the range.

I had a friend ask me about Josh. He is the guy that has volunteered to be tested as a kidney donor for me. As of today, I have not heard anything new. It took about two weeks after my dad was called before he got his packet of test information. So, I am guessing that they are processing a pile of paper work for Josh, and that he will have his packet in the next week or so. I'm looking forward to his test results.

Please pray that God will prepare the kidney that he has for me, from whomever it may come. Pray that Josh's testing will go quickly and easily. And, please pray that my fistula will behave and not have so many clots (that require re-sticks).

I've got 45 minutes left on the machine. I'm going to watch “Who Wants to be a Superhero?” on the SciFi channel. So, you guys have a good night, and I'll give you more information as I get it!

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