Thursday, August 03, 2006

Thursday Blogging

It’s Thursday, and it’s time to blog again. I haven’t filled anyone in since last week, so I need to keep the information up-to-date. As I told you last time, I found out my blood type is A Positive.

I got my thyroid function test results, and everything was normal. Everything has been normal for four or five months now, so the endocrinologist’s nurse said that if I would get tested again in October and in January, that I will not have to come back to see them. She told me to monitor my symptoms, and to be sure to call if I notice any problems.

My machine ran at 400 ml/min last Thursday using the 15-gauge needles. They tried to use them again on Saturday, but I had a slight infiltration. So, they had to use a 17-gauge needle for the upper needle in my arm, which meant that the machine could only run at 270 ml/min. Also, it left my arm kind of sore. Luckily, it has not bruised (as of almost a week later). It is still sore, but I can move it fully.

When I got home, I had low blood pressure and high heart rate, along with a fever of around 99.4. I felt bad for about an hour, and then decided to go to bed after it did not seem to get any worse. When I got up, I was feeling better, but I did not feel well most of the day at church. That’s probably due to the slower running of the machine.

Tuesday, they were able to use two 15-gauge needles again. The machine ran at 400 for the entire treatment without any problems. The only issue was that my heart rate was over 140 at the end of my treatment (when I stood up). The nurse had wanted to give me a hepatitis shot, but she decided not to, given my vital signs. They made me call Jenny to pick me up, though by the time she got there, I was fine enough to drive myself home.

I am hoping that today (Thursday) I will not have any problems. Maybe they will give me the hepatitis shot at the beginning of the treatment. Hopefully they will not have any problems sticking me with the 15-gauge needles. Hopefully I will not have any arterial or venous pressure alarms that make the machine have to slow down. And, hopefully at the end of my treatment, I will have a decent blood pressure and a decent heart rate when I stand up.

Well, I’ve got to go get stuck now. You all have a great day, and thanks for coming by!
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