Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hemodialysis Patient Report Card for Nathan - Sep 2006

Hello everyone. I am posting today to give you my latest lab results. I am posting directly from today, because I am going to attempt to insert pictures to show you exactly what I see on my lab report.

Here it goes:
My Albumin was 4.6. Albumin is the protein in the blood that helps fight infections and aids in healing.

My enPCR was 0.6. This is the Protein Catabolic Rate; it suggests if I am eating enough fish, chicken, beef, and other protein foods to meet my daily needs. The dietician said that this number is probably dilluted because I am still producing urine.

my eKdrt/V was 1.5. This tells how well my dialysis treatment is working and if I am receiving enough dialysis to clean my blood. Notice that it has been going up since July (when I started using my fistula instead of the catheter).

My potassium was 4.2. Potassium is a mineral needed for normal heart rhythm and muscle function. High potassium can make your heart stop.

My corrected calcium level was 9.0. Calcium is a mineral needed for health bones and muscles. The calcium level was a little high back when I was taking more Phoslo. Now that I am hardly taking any, my calcium levels have gone back to normal.

My phosphorus level was 3.3 (which, by the way, is wonderful). Phosphorus is a mineral needed for healthy bones. High phosphorus can damage the heart and blood vessels by making them stiff, and can weaken the bones. The dietician said that 3.3 is wonderful, and that I do not need to worry about it being slightly below the "shaded area" of normal.

This final chart shows my average fluid weight gains over the past six months. This is a new chart to our lab packet, and it fairly interesting. I don't know how well you can read it, but the top line (bold) shows the average WEEKEND fluid weight gains. The smaller line, on the bottom, shows the average monthly fluid gains. As you can see, my fluid gains have been increasing, but I also recently got my dry weight moved up to 71.5 kg, so that number should balance back a little lower next month.

The other number on my lab report was hemoglobin, which was 12.1 (goal is between 11 and 12). This means that I have not been that anemic, and that I need to talk with the doctor about why I might have been feeling tired more often lately.

Also, they ran an access flow test at the treatment on Thursday. My access flow tested at 1166. This is very good. I am glad to see that my fistula is behaving correctly. Hopefully, it will soon be easier to stick, and that will make my treatments go easier.

Please continue to pray for Josh's test results. I want to follow God's will with gettng a new kidney.

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