Friday, September 01, 2006

Kelly Solheim

I am writing today to inform you all of some exciting news. A friend of mine from high school, Kelly Solheim, is going to participate in one of the many 2006 PKD Walks that go on through out the country. She is going to walk, and is attempting to raise $220 for the PKD Foundation so that they can help find a cure for this disease.

Here is the web site where you can make donations for her walk:

Kelly and I became friends back in 1990 at Kimmons Junior High School in Fort Smith, Arkansas. We had many classes together (including Gifted and Talented) over the years, and both graduated from Northside High School in 1996. Kelly got married and has moved up north. We recently got to see each other again at our 10-year high school reunion.

I would encourage everyone to go to her site and make a donation for the walk. The PKD Foundation needs all the money it can get, and I would love for her to meet her goal (or even to surpass it).

If anyone else wants to get involved in a PKD walk, let me know. There are walks all over the country (including locally in Dallas). I can get you information if you would like to participate.

Thanks for checking out Kelly’s site (and donating, if you feel led). I was extremely touched by her wanting to help out in this way.
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