Monday, July 30, 2007

Answering Comment Questions (and more)

Good morning everyone! It has been almost two weeks since my last post. The good news is that there continues to be nothing wrong. I am feeling well, and am enjoying having energy and motivation to do all the work that a new house requires.

I received a comment on a previous blog post:

The question comes from Bmaddny on July 25:
Hey, what was your creatinine prior to your transplant?

Well, Bmaddny, I'm glad you asked! That question can be answered in multiple parts. Way back in 2005, while I still had two kidneys that soft-of worked, my creatinine was between 2 and 4.0, depending on the month they were checking. Once my left kidney got infected and removed, my creatinine shot up to 6, and then I think even higher. By the time I was on dialysis, it was not unusual to see a creatinine of 9 or 10. So, depending on when in the past you were looking, I have had a multitude of creatinine levels. The 1.0 that I am getting now, post-transplant, is the best that it has ever been (since it has been tracked). I hope that helps!

(and more)
Well, the title hinted, and here it is! I finally scheduled my bone density scan for Monday, August 6, 2007 (in the afternoon). That way, the doctors will have three weeks to review the results prior to my next appointment. Then, they can tell me if I am doing better or worse than I was on January 25 (when I had my first-ever bone density scan).

Finally, a medication update. I do not recall when the last time I updated everyone was, so here is the current list:
  • 9 am: Bactrim (400mg/80mg)
  • 9 am: Calcium +D (600 mg)
  • 9 am: Cerefolin (PAL/M5) (two)
  • 9 am: Folic Acid (800mcg)
  • 9 am: Myfortic (360mg)
  • 9 am: Prednisone (10mg)
  • 9 am: Prograf (5mg)
  • 9 pm: Atenolol (25mg)
  • 9 pm: Calcium +D (600mg)
  • 9 pm: Fish Oil (1000mg)
  • 9 pm: Lovastatin (20mg)
  • 9 pm: Myfortic (360mg)
  • 9 pm: Prograf (5mg)
  • 9 pm: Zyrtec (10mg)
Have a great week everyone!!
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