Monday, July 13, 2009

After the Cystoscopy

I went to the urologist on Friday afternoon. He wanted to do a cystoscopy to make sure that everything was okay with my bladder. A cystoscopy involves having a camera placed inside the urethra and into the bladder. The doctor looks around in the bladder and checks for any problems.

So, they start by giving you some lidocaine gel (a local pain deadener) into the end of the urethra. They waited a few minutes for the numbing to take full effect. Then, they ran the camera, which is on a long tube, up and into the bladder. It was mildly uncomfortable. In fact, I think that passing kidney stones is much worse. The camera and tube are flexible, and there is saline hooked up to the device, so that the doctor can fill the bladder to get a better look.

The doctor looked around for a few minutes and he did not see any problems. He said that he would send off my urine to a special lab to check for any cancer cells. That was his biggest concern. I have a higher likelihood of developing cancer because of the immunosuppressant medications.

It turns out that everything is okay (as far as they can tell). I don't have any problems, and did not have any more blood in my urine or any particulate. And, the doctors didn't really see any other problems (nor have I had any calls from the nephrologist about issues).

The only down-side has been after the test. Having a camera shoved up inside of you is not really so natural. There has been a little bleeding since the procedure (and it was pretty painful the first 24 hours or so). The blood is all gone now, and most of the pain is gone. The pain has lasted a little longer than I would have preferred. And, I noticed today that I was having to go to the bathroom much more often than I did Saturday or Sunday. I imagine that my bladder is still mad at having something inside it rooting around.

That's about it for today. Thanks to everyone that prayed (I know that helped with my anxiety). And, there may be a post later in the week with a conversation I've been having with someone. If not, you can look forward to my Stress Echo Cardiogram which I am having on Friday.

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