Saturday, July 25, 2009

Follow-Up From Appointments

I went in for my cardiologist's appointment and ran on the treadmill. I walked/ran for a little more than ten minutes to get my heart rate up over 161. The technician put me on the table and then looked at my heart and the pulmonary vein. She mentioned, during my test, that I was doing really well and that she did not expect to see anything wrong with my heart. The doctor, after reading the test results, told me that my heard and pulmonary vein were working just like they are supposed to be. This is great news! Based on what the doctor told me last time, it's likely that I am just noticing more how my heart and breathing are rather than they are getting worse.

So, there is nothing (else) wrong with my heart. I've still got mitral valve prolapse. My heart still has a moderate to severe prolapse. One day, I will probably need to have a valve replaced, if my heart continues to work the way that it does. But, there are no problems coming my way any time soon.

I also had a nephrology appointment this week. This was my regular quarterly appointment. The doctor was very pleased with the results of my 24-hour urine collection. She said that I had my best results on that test since my transplant. My labs were also great. My cholesterol looked wonderful (HDL was 43.0 and LDL was 69.0). This is great news, saying that my medication is still at the right levels. My creatinine stayed at 1.0 (great news) and they were glad to see me again.

I will be going back in about three months. I'm glad my kidney continues to function just as well. Stay tuned for more news as it comes up. I had a fever last week of 100 (for just a morning). I felt hot, but it was much better by lunch.

My cystoscopy results were great. The urologist called back while Jenny and I were getting her 20-week ultrasound. They said that my urine did not have any signs of cancer. So, that's more good news. I guess the problem that I had had with my urine a couple of weeks ago was all related to my natural polycystic kidney.

Thanks for reading. I'm glad to continue doing well with the transplant.

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