Thursday, May 19, 2011

ENT Visit (Forever-Cough)

OK. Here's the story so far. I had some allergy-related coughing and sneezing back at the end of March. At my nephrologist appointment, the doctor prescribed me a Z-Pak (this was early April). I took that for five days, but it did not really help. Then, I called them a few weeks later, and they prescribed me some Avelox (for ten days). That helped, some, but I still did not stop coughing. So, I called the kidney doctor a third time, and they advised that I go and visit my ENT.

I saw the ENT on Wednesday morning. He took a look down my throat, and he saw that I have a growth on my vocal folds (also called vocal cords). He said that it is probably benign, but that it is causing my vocal cords to not be able to fully come together, which allows air to aspirate and can be a big problem with my cough and allergies. He wants me to come back in the middle of June for surgery to have the growth removed.

This Friday (tomorrow), I will have a CT done on my head to check my sinus cavities. The doctor thinks that I probably have a lot of blockage up there, again. If I do, he wants to go and flush them out, again, like we did back in 2008.

So, I am going to have a head CT on Friday, and then I will check with the doctor next week to find out what they see. I'll let you guys know what I find out later. I'm guessing that I will have to have my sinus cavity washed out again.

So, the doctor said it is probably a benign growth. I have a head CT on Friday. I will have surgery in the middle of June.

Enjoy your weeks!
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