Thursday, April 12, 2007

Some Pain Today

Hi everyone. Thanks for reading the blog today. I just wanted to make a quick update for today.

This morning, I noticed that I have some minor pain over my transplant site. I noticed it after exercising this morning. I have been riding the exercise bike for the past several days instead of walking on the treadmill because my foot has been hurting a little bit. I think I slightly injured my foot a bit walking on it funny. But, I have been riding the exercise bike recently, and my foot is feeling much better.

Unfortunately, I also noticed some pain over my kidney transplant today as well. I am not too worried since the pain is minor, but I do plan to tell the doctor tomorrow when I go in for my clinic visit. Since I have a standard follow-up tomorrow, I am not going to worry about calling the doctor today. The pain is minor, so I am not worried.

I would like to have everyone pray for me, though. I would ask that you pray that the pain that I am feeling is not a problem and that the doctors will not be worried. I am glad that I have frequent appointments for just this reason.

And, I have my colonoscopy and endoscopy scheduled for April 23. I was reading the instructions for the preparation today, and I don't think I will be going to church on the 22nd. The preparation is fairly intensive, and is supposed to start at 7:00 am and go for six or eight hours. So, from the sounds of the prep sheet, I will need to stay at home all day. I think the worst part is that I am only allowed to drink (no food) for that Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully, the tests on the 23rd will not show any problems.

Thanks for coming by to read today!
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