Friday, April 06, 2007

Friday Updates

Welcome to Good Friday everyone. For me, I suppose it was a pretty good Friday. I had a lab appointment today, and I saw my GI doctor as well. My creatinine was at 1.0 today, which is a good sign. I think that I have been drinking enough water, which is good for me. I think that has been the most help at keeping my labs stable.

I saw the doctor at the clinic today. They said that they want me to reduce my Cellcept down to 250mg twice a day (instead of 3 times a day) to help reduce diarrhea. They also called this afternoon to have me increase my Prograf from 2.5 mg twice a day to 3.5 mg twice a day. I guess my Prograf numbers were really low, because they asked if I had skipped a dose (which I had not). So, I will take more of that for at least a week (until they draw labs next Friday). Then, we will see if the numbers are better balanced (hopefully).

I saw the GI doctor today as well. She said that she wants to check for any intestinal infections that might be hiding inside. Since I have a reduced immune system, I am at a greater risk of getting infections (even smaller ones that would not hurt most people). So, the doctor wants to do an endoscopy and a colonoscopy on April 23. She decided to do both procedures at the same time, since I would already be knocked out. She said she will take a look around, and possible take some biopsies if there is not anything to see.

Please pray that I will stay well. Pray that God will continue to watch over me and will help me stay healthy. I am still drinking lots of water, and I will keep doing so. It gets easier to drink more as you get used to drinking more water. Thank you all for coming by to read today.

PS - Jenny really wanted me to update the blog just now, so you can thank her that it got done today rather than tomorrow.
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