Friday, March 30, 2007

I Have a Big Head - And Little Arms!

I realize that the subject line does not pertain to today's post, but it is funny. If you have seen the commercial that I am thinking of, then you might laugh at that line, too.

I visited the doctor today for another post-transplant appointment. I saw someone new at the clinic, which is okay. They have a large staff at the clinic, and they see you as quickly as possible (which is nice). Today, it was a standard follow-up appointment, just to see how I was doing.

My creatinine was down to 1.0 (which is good news). I guess it was just a problem with dehydration that was causing my creatinine to go up a little bit. I will just continue to drink more water and keep myself hydrated. My cholesterol was 142, which the doctor said was good. She said that all of my lab number looked well, which is always good news. I prefer to hear good news from the doctors rather than bad news.

She had me increase my dosage of Cellcept from 250mg twice a day to 250mg three times per day. The Cellcept is an immuno-suppressant that helps me keep my new kidney. She also said that I no longer have to take my Mycelex (which is the anti-thrush medication). It seems that you only really need to take it for the first month after transplant. She said to hang on to it in case I had a problem, but that it was not likely. She also said that I can stop taking my Valcyte (anti-viral) once this month's supply runs out.

That should be about it. I started taking sodium bicarbonate this week, and it seems to be doing the trick. My CO2 levels were back to normal, and I have been having less heart burn than I did last week.

So, I think everything is going great. The doctor will probably keep increasing my Cellcept to as high as my body can stand it. That should give me the best chance of not rejecting my kidney. Hopefully, if we increase slowly, my body will get used to the medication and not be as uncomfortable.

That's about it for this week. The house inspector did not find too many problems (nothing major). We just have to get some pricing on the minor repairs that we decided needed to be done before we move in. I don't know exactly how much effort it will be, but we will see. Hopefully, the house will be ours in May (on our closing date).

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