Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday Lab Update

Once again, we have come to Friday. I am here to give you my update from the visit with the doctor today.

I went in this morning to the clinic to have my blood drawn so I could see if I am healthy again. The doctor said that my creatinine was at 1.2 (which is still a little bit high). She said she would rather see me at 1.1 or below. The solution: drink more water! I told her that I had been drinking at least 80 ounces of water (plus other beverages on top of that) per day for the past week. She said to keep that up, and it should help. It seems I was still showing as slightly dehydrated (though, I do not know how).

Either way, I am doing fine. The doctor prescribed me some new medication (but I don't recall the name off hand, they didn't have any at the pharmacy today). I should be able to get it on Monday, as long as they get it in stock.

I did not get any order to change my Cellcept dosage. So, for now, I will continue to take 250mg twice a day. I may have to call back on Monday to see if they wanted to increase that or leave it alone. I guess that depends on if I think about it on Monday or not. I have to go visit with the house inspector Monday afternoon, so I may be too busy to call the clinic then. Perhaps Tuesday.

So, all is well with me. I will continue to drown my insides with water (and other beverages, to keep up my salt levels and such). I will keep going to the doctor (I have another appointment for Friday), and I will continue to take my medication (including the new one, after I get it).

So, keep praying that my body will continue to accept the new kidney and that I will stay healthy and happy. Oh, and pray that our house inspection goes well. We are looking to buy, and would not like our prospective home to turn out to be a trash pile.

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