Thursday, October 13, 2005

Access Flow Tested on Tuesday

They tested my dialysis access flow (again) on Tuesday. This is the second test. The test consists of switching the direction that my blood flows (pulling from the normal input side, and replacing blood in the normal pull side). The first test had my fistula working at about 300 ml/min. The second test (Tuesday) was again about 300 ml/min, though maybe slightly more. They are looking for a value above 400. I was told that they would test it again on Thursday and if it is still low, they will want to talk to my vascular surgeon (who is scheduled to do a sonogram of my arm the next time I see him).

I will be going to dialysis again tonight, and I hope that my access flow will be working better. The nurse said that possible problems could include how I had been stuck with the needles, how well I was doing overall that day, or any number of things. That is why she wanted to test it more than once.

I'll let you know if I learn anything new tonight at my treatment. Until then, have a great day!
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