Tuesday, October 04, 2005

New Job / New Insurance

Hey everyone, I was offered a new job yesterday (and I accepted it). To make today’s blog more interesting, I am going to proceed in the ever-popular Question and Answer format.

Q: I hear you have a new job (that’s great). Who are you going to be working for, and what will you be doing?

A: I am going to be working for MCI as a Telecom Engineer II for the Engineering Standards group.

Q: Didn’t you work for WorldCom (now MCI) back in 2002 when you got laid off?

A: Yes. In fact, I am going to be going back to doing the same job that I was doing before in a new and improved group.

Q: What would make you want to go back to MCI after they let you go a couple of years ago?

A: For one, I am going to be receiving a significant salary increase (similar to what I was being paid back in 2002). Also, the job that I am doing now requires very little of me, mentally, and I want to go back to doing something challenging that I enjoy going to do every day.

Q: Why does your blog title mention new insurance?

A: As you know, I have devoted this blog to my Polycystic Kidney Disease, especially since I had to have a radical left nephrectomy this summer. One of the big things that I am having everyone pray about is a kidney transplant. My insurance company will have to pay for part of the cost of the transplant, so my transplant paperwork is going to be held up for a little while after I change jobs so that the new company can agree to help pay for the transplant whenever it occurs.

Q: How do you think everyone is going to like this crazy Question and Answer format?

A: It’s hard to say. I know that sometimes it can be tough to read something that is going back and forth for a long time. But, I feel that I have kept this short, and I hope that it will let everyone feel like they’ve had a chance to sit and talk with me.

Q: Thanks for writing this today. Do you have any prayer requests that we can keep in mind?

A: Sure. 1) Pray that my job transition goes smoothly (I start on October 17). 2) Pray that my dialysis will continue to go well. 3) Pray that I will stop feeling sick in the mornings.

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