Thursday, October 06, 2005

Nice Tuesday Treatment

I had another easy dialysis treatment on Tuesday. The 15-gauge needles seem to be working really well so far. The only complaint (I guess) that I have about them is that my arm usually bleeds a little bit when the technician puts in the needles. That's not really a problem, considering that I probably lose more blood than that in the tubes that go through the dialysis machine. But, my lab results from September did not show me as being too anemic, so I am not really worried about it.

Speaking of lab results, they took the quarterly blood work Tuesday night. I should be getting back results either Thursday or Saturday. When I get them, you can look forward to another exciting table full of number that not even I understand. In fact, I think I might have one friend (who's name rhymes with Chason Jastain) that might be able to understand what they mean. I know the major points, like potassium and phosphorus, but I don't have a clue what some of the numbers might represent. I am looking forward to seeing my results and being able to compare how am I doing now to how I was in August and September.

I have a couple of prayer requests for this week:
  • I am still feeling nauseated several mornings per week. Pray that either the doctor can offer a suggestion to fix this or that I will start to not have this problem soon.
  • I will be starting a new job a week from Monday. Pray that my transition will go well and that my last week at my current job goes well, too.
  • Pray that my transplant paperwork will continue to process quickly so that I can find out where I am in the process.
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