Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A Couple of Illustrations

Hello everyone! Welcome to Wednesday. I got bored with my camera phone the other day, so I thought I would take a picture of all of the medication that I am taking. Now, bear in mind that my camera phone supports a mighty 320 x 240 resolution. So, the not-so-wonderful picture is not your screen, it is the picture itself.

The picture is divided into four quadrants. The upper left-hand corner is all of the medications that I take at 9:00am. The upper right-hand quadrant contains the lunch-time medications. The lower left-hand corner is one pill that I take after dinner. And, finally, the bottom right-hand corder contains all of the pills that I take at 9:00pm.

You can see the big white round pill, which is an anti-fungal that I take four times a day. The purple-ish oblong pill is Cellcept, which is one of my immunosuppressants. There are four small white pills in the first picture which are the Prednisone (20mg total). The tiny white capsules are the Prograf, there are three in the 9am and 9pm pictures. The smaller white circular pill is the Bactrim (anti-bacterial). The pink oblong pill is the Valcyte (anti-viral).

In the bottom corner, you see two blue pills. Those are Cerefolin (a multi-vitamin). Another long oblong white pill (also in the first picture) is the Calcium + Vitamin D. There is also some folic acid, Zyrtec, and Lipitor in the bottom picture:

So, those are all of the medications that I take each day. They help me to stay alive (and healthy) and help keep my new kidney happy.

I also played with a diagram I found online of the human body. I drew a bunch of lines on it to show where all of my surgeries have been. For reference, the fistulas are on my left arm. The new kidney was put on the right side of my body. And, the surgical scar that is left from my kidney removal runs from the bottom of my sternum to right below my belly button.

Hopefully that picture came out well. Enjoy my skills with Microsoft Paint. And, enjoy the pictures (even if they are fairly simple).

Have a great day!
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