Tuesday, February 27, 2007

End of February Update

Hello everyone!

I am here to offer a quick update on how I have been doing since last Thursday. I have another clinical follow-up appointment scheduled for Thursday (in fact, I just got the automated call from the office reminding me to come in Thursday morning). I am feeling well, and looking forward to the office visit. It should be the last time I have to come for two weeks (hopefully).

I lowered my Prednisone dosage to 17mg per day starting yesterday. That's good news, since less medication is probably better for me. As I have mentioned before, the Prednisone has the most negative side effects, so it is good to take less of it. I should be down to 10mg per day starting by the end of April.

I have also continued to walk every morning. My speed is going up, though I have yet to start getting a real "work out" on the treadmill yet. If I get going too fast, I will have to start playing with the elevation, since I am not really looking to go running every morning!

Here are my last 9 days of walking results:
02/19/07 2.70 mi 65 min
02/20/07 2.81 mi 65 min
02/21/07 2.89 mi 65 min
02/22/07 3.00 mi 65 min
02/23/07 3.02 mi 65 min
02/24/07 3.12 mi 65 min
02/25/07 3.13 mi 65 min
02/26/07 3.24 mi 65 min
02/27/07 3.25 mi 65 min

As you can see, I am now walking over three miles per day, which is great. My goal is still between four and five miles a day at the moment. Once I reach that, I will have to look in to increasing the treadmill's elevation to get a better work-out. But, I am personally pleased with the amount of stamina and endurance that I am building up. Hopefully, this will keep me feeling better throughout the life of my transplant.

That's about it for today. I am still working from home 20 hours per week. I am still talking to the Disability Insurance people to see about getting my part-time disability checks. I did get paid for all of my full time off (Jan 11 - Feb 4). I just have to get them to keep paying me until I get back to work full-time. I guess we'll see.

I have another appointment Thursday morning. I'll let everyone know more when I do!
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