Friday, February 09, 2007

Walking for Exercise

I started seriously walking this week. The transplant doctor said that walking was good, safe exercise for a post-transplant patient. So, I have been heading down to the fitness center every morning to walk on the treadmill.

Here is a chart of how my walking has gone this week:
02/04/07 1.17 mi 35 min
02/05/07 1.33 mi 40 min
02/06/07 1.50 mi 45 min
02/07/07 1.66 mi 50 min
02/08/07 1.92 mi 55 min
02/09/07 2.15 mi 62 min

The exercise has been good for me. It helps me feel better, overall. I think that I am now in better general health, especially if I am exercising every day. This week, I worked on getting my time up to one hour. As you can see from the chart above, I started with a little over a half hour, and have worked my way up to an hour, slowly.

My next step is to increase the distance that I walk. I will do this my increasing the speed on the treadmill. I started out walking about 2.0 miles per hour. This morning, I walked at about 2.1 miles per hour. This is comfortable, so I will probably do that all next week, just to get used to that time, speed, and distance.

Maybe the following week I will increase the speed to go as fast as is comfortable at a walking speed. I do not want to run, but walking is fine. So, I will slowly work my way up to a fast walking speed at about an hour.

I'll have to see, once I go back to work, what I want to do as far as exercising. I am trying to decide if I want to walk prior to work each day, or when I get home. If I go before work, then I can shower and eat after exercising and before going to work. If I exercise when I get home, then I will have to change clothes into some exercise gear (and be sweaty in the evening when I get home).

So, I will make that decision when I get to that point. Please pray that I will continue to feel well during my recovery (which is going great so far). I am supposed to go to the clinic on Wednesday in Dallas (instead of Fort Worth). I haven't received a call from the clinic yet, so I will have to check in with them on Monday and find out what time my appointment is.

Thanks for reading!
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