Monday, February 19, 2007

Monday, Feb 19 -- An Update

I see it has been about four days since I last gave everyone an update, so I am going to try and give a quick overview of everything that is going on with me at the moment.

For starters, I am feeling great! My energy level is good, my new kidney seems to be functioning very well, and I am enjoying life more like a normal person. Jenny and I attended a "Membership Celebration" at our church last night. It is an informal, informational setting that allows visitors to our church to learn about the church's core values and gives them a chance to become members. Jenny and I were there as "hosts" to assist three other couples that were thinking about church membership. It was good to be able to go to something like that, and I got an opportunity to speak to our pastor. He has been faithfully praying for me ever since I lost my kidney back in 2005. As we attend a large church, I do not speak to him personally that often, but when I do, he always asks how I am doing and lets me know that he is still praying. It was good to talk to him last night and let him know that I am feeling very healthy and that all of the prayers were appreciated. Oh, and all three couples at our table decided to join the church, so that's good news, too!

I am still preparing for my Glofil test on Thursday. They have me scheduled in the afternoon group for that day. I am also having my weekly follow-up clinic appointment that day, so I need to remember not to take my Prograf that morning. (I just moved my Prograf out of the Thursday morning container and in to the Thursday afternoon container, so I will not be taking it with my morning medications). The doctors do not want you to take the Prograf before you blood is drawn so that they can get an accurate level of how much Prograf is in your system and decided if you have too much or not enough in your blood to keep you healthy. Anyway, the Glofil test is coming up, and I am supposed to be hydrating myself all week in preparation. I have had about 30 ounces (887 ml) of water this morning. I think my goal is supposed to be 96 to 120 ounces (2839 to 3549 ml) of water per day for the three days prior to the test. That's the same as having 1 1/2 2-liters of water (or close to a gallon of water) per day. I know I did not drink quite that much yesterday, but I think it will be okay. It has been quite a while since I have been allowed to drink that much per day, especially since that was about what I tried to stick to between dialysis treatments. But, I will drink water throughout the day, and hopefully when I go take my test, I will be hydrated enough to not have to drink too much during the test, which is nice.

In other news, I am continuing to walk just about every day. I have walked nine out of the last ten days, and except for one day when I ran out of time, I have walked 65 minutes a day. I am slowly increasing my speed on the treadmill (I walked at 2.5 mph this morning). I called and talked to my mother on Saturday, and she noted that I was able to carry on a conversation with her the entire time I walked. She said that means that I am not working my cardio-vascular system quite hard enough. I reminded her that as of a month ago, I was leading a sedentary lifestyle, and it might take a little bit longer before I am up to the point of getting a "good" work-out. Here is my walking log for the past 10 days:

02/10/07 2.28 mi 65 min
02/11/07 2.36 mi 65 min
02/13/07 1.61 mi 44 min
02/14/07 2.46 mi 65 min
02/15/07 2.48 mi 65 min
02/16/07 2.59 mi 65 min
02/17/07 2.59 mi 65 min
02/18/07 2.70 mi 65 min
02/19/07 2.70 mi 65 min

So, as you can see, with increased speed comes increased distance. In another couple of weeks, I should be up to about four miles per day. I don't know if that will be a good goal or not, but it is at least something to look forward to. Once I get to the point of breathing hard and having my heart rate up by the end of my hour, then I will work on using the "incline" function of the treadmill so that my speed and distance do not have to increase, but I can continue to get a better work-out.

Well, that should about do it for today. I have to call my disability contact at work and ask why I have not received any money from the short-term disability. I am thankful that Jenny and I have been putting money into our savings account for the past couple of years. Otherwise, it would be very hard to live (as I have only been paid for 44 hours in the past four weeks). So, I will give him a call and find out what is holding up my disability payments. Hopefully that will get resolved today and I will get some income this week!

Please pray that the disability payments get worked out. Continue to pray that I will remain healthy. Pray that my Glofil test goes well on Thursday and that my kidney function will be high. And, continue to pray for the donor family and their loss.

Thanks for reading today!
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